AshleyWilliamson (anwrootbeer) wrote,

I'm full of smiles today

things could not be better.
i strongly believe 2009 will be a new year for me.
new experiences and new memories.

attending FIU now could not be more amazing.
i actually LOVE saying I attend FIU and not BCC. haha
i love finally being able to take class I'M personally interested in.
i love i changed my major from anthropology to nutrition.
im so passionate and devoted to it.
its comforting to know what i want to do for the rest of my life.
something i enjoy doing.
love learning about.
and believe in.
I want to slim down the world.

things with the boyfriend could not be more more magical.
Its that can't eat, can't sleep. reach for the stars, world series kinda thing.
and it feels incredible =)

my oldest brother (Joshua) moved away to Orlando to go to UCF.

I'm getting more and more into eating 'healthier', exercising, ballet, and getting interested in band again.
I played my flute for the first time in about 3/4 years.
it was, embarrassing, awful, and pretty out of tune.

I'm slowly, slowly growing out of my comfort zone in making new friends and actually hanging out with friends.
its going pretty shweet.

I also got my first parking ticket at FIU today!
yippie! I feel like a real student now!!

enough with the highrambling.
I hope everyone has a successful semester.
"Where there's a will, there's an A+"
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