AshleyWilliamson (anwrootbeer) wrote,

just a lil somethin'somethin'

I just got back from the gym and I feel absolutely, amazing.
remembering this feeling is the first step to getting back into my groove.

I really need to update.
this first week in Pines has been quite crazy.

-we had to put my dog, Spunky down the first day I got back. its been really hard and quite lonely.
-I started school at BCC for 3 classes. I guess its going pretty smoothly. Alyssa Alonso and Casey Truman are in my science class.
-Ive been keeping my self busy with new friends and old friends. shoutout to Jania.

this is it.
my new life in Pines.
make it or break it.

heres to losing more weight.
doing well in school.
making new friends.
and finding a job.
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